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If you would like a paper copy of any of our policies or would like details of other policies not displayed here, please contact the school office.

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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

At Heathlands, we value our relationship with parents, carers and the local community. School staff are happy to receive suggestions and comments on what goes on within school, and this can help to identify areas of success and where improvements can be made.


We understand that there may be occasions when individuals will want to raise concerns and it is important that anyone who does so is treated seriously and fairly. It is in everyone's interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Every effort should be made to resolve the matter informally. Many enquiries and concerns can be dealt with by a teacher, the headteacher or other members of staff, without needing to resort to a formal procedure.


If it is not possible to resolve the matter informally the person raising the concern may decide to pursue a formal complaint.


The school's complaint procedure is based on the Nottinghamshire guidance and is attached.