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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mrs C Wagstaff - Head Teacher


Our Teaching Staff

Mrs S Morgan - Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO

Miss S Cierzan - Foundation Stage Teacher

Miss L Vinson - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs N Stone - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs C Gidlow - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs L Watson - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Satterlee - Year 3 / 4 Teacher

Mrs M Blach - Year 4 / 5 Teacher

Mrs N Wallis- Year 6 Teacher


Our Support Staff - Teaching Assistants


Mrs E Meads

Mrs T Moran

Mrs K Moore

Miss J Heale

Miss Trolley


Other Support Staff

Mrs S Woolley - Office Manager


Mr J Curry - Caretaker

Mrs G Quigley - Cleaner


Our Lunchtime Staff

Mrs H Cornell - Cook Supervisor

Mrs D Place and Mrs J Buck - Kitchen Staff

Mrs B Bell - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs T Machin - Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Euerby -Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Sutton - Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Rice - Midday Supervisor