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Ofsted Reports/DfE Performance Tables


Heathlands, like all schools, is subject to regular inspections by OFSTED. These inspections provide an

independent external evaluation of school effectiveness and a diagnosis of what to do to improve. The judgements are based on a range of evidence available to the inspectors and are evaluated against a national framework.


Heathlands was last inspected in June 2018 and, at that time was judged as 'good' under the Section 8 framework.


The under lying principle behind the framework is that ALL pupils have the right to good progress and attainment. The judgements made by the team validate our own school self evaluation that, at Heathlands our pupils do make at least good progress during their time with us.


The OFSTED report is attached for you to read. It clearly identifies the many areas of good practice within the school and the impact that these have on pupils' progress and attainment. We, at Heathlands, see the report as a true reflection of how far the school has come in the last few years and confirmation that we have identified where we need to go next.


If you would like to talk about any of the comments made in the report or find out more about OFSTED and the inspection framework, please do not hesitate in contacting the school.


School Statistics

Throughout their learning journey all pupils are tracked for attainment and progress. At Heathlands, assessments are both informal and formal. This information is used carefully by staff to ensure that individual learning needs are met.


At key points during their time at school, pupils are assessed using national tests. This information is published and is available for all interested parties. The link below takes you to information published by the DfE. This information is updated annually in December.


Summary end of Key Stage 2 information (July 2017)

Reading                   Percentage of pupils at or above Age Related Expectations              63% (National 71%)

                                Percentage of pupils above ARE                                                         8%  (National 25%)

                                Average progress                                                                               -2.3 (National 0)

                                Average scaled score                                                                         102  (National 104)


Writing                   Percentage of pupils at or above Age Related Expectations              79% (National 76%)

                                Percentage of pupils above ARE                                                         17%   (National 18%)

                                Average progress                                                                              0.6  (National 0)


Maths                      Percentage of pupils at or above Age Related Expectations             71% (National 75%)

                                Percentage of pupils above ARE                                                       21% (National 23%)

                                Average progress                                                                             -0.6 (National 0)

                                Average scaled score                                                                       103 (National 104)


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

                               Percentage of pupils at or above Age Related Expectations              71% (National 77%)

                               Percentage of pupils above ARE                                                         25% (National 31%)


Combined (Reading and writing and maths)                  50% (National 61%)