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School Curriculum


At Heathlands Primary School, we follow a creative curriculum approach, in order to make children's learning stimulating and exciting.  We  feel that children learn best when they can make links in their learning and so have decided on a topic based approach to make learning relevant and fun for all children.  Wherever possible the learning is linked to the topic, however, areas which do not fit naturally, are taught as discrete subjects.  We have taken on board the requirements for each year group, based on the 2014 National Curriculum, but then have adapted it to ensure it meets the needs of and motivates all of our pupils.  We regularly organise visits and visitors to make the curriculum come alive and each term have themed days or weeks, such as Enterprise Week and Healthy School's Week, where children are given the opportunity to work with other classes and the community.


Children are taught in mixed ability classes, where learning is based on a variety of methods including: class, group, paired work and individual programmes.  Prior to learning a unit of work, children often complete elicitation tasks to ensure that the learning is set at the right level of challenge and therefore makes the lessons stimulating and relevant.  Also throughout the lessons, children are assessed and moved on when appropriate to ensure that they are being given the right level of challenge.


By the end of a child's time at Heathlands, we work hard to enable children to be able to 'Achieve, Succeed and Fly' by enabling them to develop life skills.


Please find below examples of the curriculum taught for each year group, during the 2016 - 2017 academic year, which will hopefully give you an idea of the curriculum which children experience.  However, at Heathlands our curriculum continues to develop and change, depending on the needs and interests of our children, so please be aware that the same skills will be developed, but the topics may change.




Phonics and Reading

At Heathlands, we employ a variety of strategies to teach reading and phonics. We focus on a mixture of formal teaching using recognised schemes and implementation of skills through cross curricular learning opportunities.

In KS1, the main reading scheme used is Oxford Reading Tree, however this is supplemented by reading materials from other schemes and 'free readers'.

The main phonics scheme used is Read, Write, Inc (Ruth Miskin). Again this is supplemented by phonics resources from other schemes.