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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Achieve, Succeed, Fly!


As a school we recognise that Year 6, the final year at Heathlands, is especially important for your child.  We work extremely hard and enjoy our learning together as a team, having fun along the way.  We know that it is vital for your children to 'achieve' and 'succeed' in their own personal and individual ways.  We all work very hard on preparing Year 6 for a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, allowing them to 'fly' confidently at the end of the school year.


Staff in Year 6

Year 6 is taught by Mrs Wallis who is an experienced Key Stage 2 teacher.  Children are also supported by an experienced Year 6 Teaching Assistant, Mrs Moore.



English : We work at a fast pace in Year 6, covering a wide variety of writing texts across each term.  Our writing, wherever it can,  links to the topic we are studying in class.  This ensures that the children see and understand the relevance of their work, which increases our enjoyment and love of writing.  We produce some stunning pieces of work, which are regularly displayed on our classroom and corridor walls for everyone to enjoy.  Encouraging the love of reading is also highly important to us.  Each topic links to excellent texts  As a class, we interrogate and examine writing styles and the author's use of language.  This helps children to develop a deep understanding of what they are reading, developing reading for pleasure.  We do expect children to read at least three to four times a week, if possible, to an adult.  Spellings are practised every week, using different methods.  It s important that children learn spelling rules and patterns, and we look to see that they are then applying their knowledge within their written work across the curriculum.  This also helps to build on and develop a wider range of vocabulary for speaking and writing.


Maths : In Year 6, we are building upon the maths skills from all previous years; developing our knowledge of calculations and investigative maths, and revising all that we know!  It is essential that your child has a firm grasp of the basics.  We work on times tables regularly, but as you can appreciate, it is a skill that needs to be worked upon in short time spans, as often as possible.  Therefore, any extra work at home would be of great benefit.  Your child still needs to regularly recall and apply key number facts, like multiplication tables, and division facts, even if he / she has already learnt them.


Topics : We thoroughly enjoy our topic work in Year 6, which wherever possible, has been discussed and thought through with the children.  They have an input into what they wish to learn about and how they wish to carry this out.  Our topics change termly, so for more information please refer to our Fronter page.



Please click on the link below to view a presentation given in September 2018, which provides information regarding 'The Standard Assessment Tests' (SATs).


Please view our Fronter page for suggestions on websites that Year 6 can use to help them to revise.


SATs week is the week commencing 13th May 2019, so please do not book any holidays around this week.


If you have any other queries or wish to speak to us, then after school, in the classroom, is the best time to catch us.


Thank you for your support.