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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Welcome to Class 2!

In Year 2, we work hard and always do our best! We become much more confident in reading, writing and maths and we are encouraged to become independent learners. We also continue to learn creatively through our topic work.


Staff in Year 2

Year 2 is taught by Mrs Gidlow on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Watson on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and supported by Miss Trolley. We work with the children and in partnership with parents, in what we try to ensure, is a busy, lively and fun classroom.



Maths: Year 2 will focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables and learn to multiply and divide using these. We will also learn to add and subtract using two-digit numbers.


In fractions, children will find 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of a shape or a quantity of objects and explore shapes and graphs too! We want children to enjoy maths, so we make learning practical and related to everyday life.


English: We continue to work on the phonics skills gained in Year 1, aiming to read words by sight without having to sound them out individually. Children will learn further spelling patterns and rules, and apply those in their writing. They will look at the possessive apostrophe, homophones and suffixes.


The focus on handwriting will be to form letters correctly, learn which letters are joined and make letters a consistent size. Children write for a range of purposes including stories, poetry and real events.


Grammar: This is a hot topic in Year 2! Children will understand the following terms, to spot them in their reading and apply them in their writing.


Noun, adjective, adverb, suffix, subordination, noun phrase, past tense, present tense, statement, question, exclamation, command, capital letter, full stop, question mark and exclamation mark.


Topics: Where possible, a lot of our topic work is linked cross-curricularly. We will keep you regularly informed of the different topic changes and the different activities that children can do at home through Fronter.



Parents are always very welcome to come in for a chat after school for more information about their child’s learning.