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School Clubs

The School tries to provide a variety of clubs at different times throughout the year. The clubs on offer depend on  providers and space available.


In 2016 - 2017 clubs provided were:                    Art (KS1 and KS2)

                                                                            Homework club (KS2)

                                                                            Badminton (KS2)

                                                                            Multi-skills (KS1) 

                                                                            Dance (Y3/4)

                                                                            Gardening (Y2)

                                                                            Knitting (Y6)

                                                                            Choir (KS2)

                                                                            Recorders (Y4-6)

                                                                            Performance Skills (KS2)

                                                                            Key Stage 2 Performance


More information is available through the school office, and via letter, and newsletters.