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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!
In Class 5, we word hard and play hard.  We aspire to become the best that we can be, by always trying our hardest in everything we do.  As the year progresses, we are given greater responsibility and are encouraged to become more independent.  In our lessons, we enjoy having learning leaders, which helps to make sure everyone is kept on task!


Staff in Class 5

Class 5 is taught by Mrs Satterlee, along with the support of Mrs Rice, Teaching Assistant, who work together to ensure all children reach their potential.  On a Friday morning, our PPA cover teacher, Mrs Morrell teaches Maths, developing skills in problems and investigations, as well as helping children to improve their reading comprehension skills. 



We like to make our curriculum interesting and so much of our learning is based on a creative curriculum.  During the first term, the children always learn about a historical period and this year they will be learning about the Vikings.  However, during the following terms, as a class, the children have an input into the topics they would like to find out about, which helps to motivate them and make their learning fun!





Reading is central to all learning and is an essential life skill which children need to have, so children are encouraged to develop a love of books by sharing their favourite books, reading with a partner and by discussing different texts.  We encourage children to read to an adult at least three times a week and to be asked questions on what they have read.  We also have a class story, which is chosen to tie in with our topic.


Speaking and Listening

Children get many opportunities to practice their speaking and listening skills.  This is mainly through the use of role-play when they get the chance to act out different scenarios and discuss possible outcomes.  They are also encouraged to create presentations to the class, which may be about a hobby or interest, as well as give feedback to others.



Throughout the year, children experience many opportunities to develop their writing skills.  They are given the chance to talk about their writing before putting pen to paper.  Once they have created a draft piece of writing they work with a writing partner to look at ways they can improve it.  This includes finding more interesting vocabulary, changing the structure of sentences in order to create greater impact, and by ensuring they  have used accurate punctuation.



In the first term emphasis is placed on securing children's knowledge of number bonds, place value and multiplication tables, as well as ensuring they understand the different words for each operation, for example 'product' means to multiply.  They are taught different strategies for completing calculations, before being encouraged to choose the method which works best for them.  Once the basics are secure the children work on using and applying this knowledge into investigations and real-life problems.


Our school always has an 'open door', so parents are always welcome to come to talk to us, or if they prefer they can keep up to date via our class page on Fronter.