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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!


Staff in Class 5

Class 5 is taught by Mrs Poole, with the support of Teaching Assistants Mrs Meads and Mrs Moore. On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Morgan takes the class for R.E. and P.E.



We like to make our curriculum interesting and so much of our learning is based on a creative curriculum. During the first term, the children always learn about a historical period and this year they will be learning about the Vikings and investigating whether they really were vicious!





Reading is central to all learning and is an essential life skill which children need to have. Children are encouraged to develop a love of books and for the autumn term they have been set a reading challenge to read for at least 10 minutes per day. We also have a class story, which is chosen to tie in with our topic, for the first half term it is ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell.


Speaking and Listening

Children are given many opportunities to practice their speaking and listening skills, particularly during the Friday morning task where they are encouraged to read their work to the class. We also have regular ‘sharing’ sessions where children can tell the class about outside school interests, events and achievements.



Throughout the year, children are given many opportunities to develop their writing skills. They are encouraged to talk about their writing before putting pen to paper. Once they have created a draft piece of writing they work with a writing partner to look at ways they can improve it. This includes finding more interesting vocabulary, changing the structure of sentences in order to create greater impact, and by ensuring they have used accurate punctuation.



In the first term emphasis is placed on securing children's knowledge of number bonds, place value and multiplication tables, as well as ensuring they understand the relevant mathematical vocabulary. Children will be taught different strategies for solving problems and will have daily challenges set. They will be encouraged to apply their knowledge in different situations and to develop their mastery of the subject.


Our school always has an 'open door', so parents are always welcome to come to talk to us, or if they prefer they can keep up to date via our class page on Fronter.