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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


 In Year 3, we aim to be more independent and to take responsibilty, not only for our things, but more importantly for our work.  We have fun in everything we do, but remember that we are here to learn.


Staff in Year 3

Miss Thomas is the class teacher who is assisted by the dedicated Teaching Assistants, Miss Mee and Miss Clayton.  We all lead groups and individuals in their learning and enourage independence.  Miss Mee also plans and teaches intervention sessions on a Wednesday afternoon.  Children chosen for intervention are targeted by the staff based on who needs additional support to progress them on their educational journey.



Maths : In Year 3, we build on skills gained in Key Stage 1.  We continue to learn our times tables and increase the complexity of the calculations that we tackle.  We carry out investigations and solve problems, so that we can apply our knowledge to different situations. 


English : We continue to take our writing very seriously in Year 3.  We work on our grammar, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting to produce a major piece of writing at the end of every unit of work.  Most importantly, we strive to make whatever we write interesting for the people who will read it and always make sure that we have a good reason for writing.  Books and reading are also very important in Year 3 as a love of reading allows the children more independence in their quest for learning.


Topics : Wherever possible our work is linked to a topic to make it more enjoyable and interesting.  We will keep you regularly informed of the different topics we are studying and information can always be found about the current topic on Fronter.  The children will also receive termly topic projects to complete at home in order to develop their independence.


Parents are always very welcome to come to talk before or after school, or they can keep up to date via Fronter.